Steam Giftcard

Hey, before I purchase a steam gift card I need to know a few things. 1. Do you guys 100% take the US Steam cards 2. How long is the wait usually? I have no problem waiting just curious.

I’ve you have followed what’s been happening, we haven’t head from Cheatbuddy nor Haze in over 2 weeks!

  1. Yes they accept US steam cards.
  2. CheatBuddy and Haze have been gone for around 2-3 weeks and RC-M has been patched for around 2-3 weeks as a result.

Oh really, dang… And there’s no other way to purchase RC-M other than here I suppose.

Edit: I just found this Rcm finaly updating hopefully its good news!

Don’t count on that being true, only admin that could even remotely know when RC-M will update would be haze and he hasn’t said anything for a long time. He has been on like 13 hours ago but then again he is not responsible for updating RC-M and I don’t think he even knows how. He may have contact with cheatbuddy though but I won’t believe anything until I see a post from him himself.

So should I want to buy it? Or do I try to buy it now with the hopes it works.

Even if you do buy it, you wont be able to use it until the owner (the one that updates it) comes back and whitelists you.