Subdue Is Getting Back In The Game

Reply to this post if you guys need configs / ways on how to not get caught when cheating.

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yo can you help me out with the best settings for silent aim so I can look legit

Silent aim is not to be used in any way, it is too blatant.

Yea don’t use silent aim it is wayyy to obvious

oh and subdue do u have any really good legit configs

send me configs

Oh shit fr thats all I’ve been using most top rclers haven’t been on my ass about it and for the most part people just think I’m good

Yea usually what happens is that people don’t usually confront people saying they cheat unless they have solid evidence of you cheating because it makes them look like an idiot if they’re accusing someone of cheating and they aren’t.

you realize rc-m is patched 1v1 me without rcm rn

whats ur username

stop arguing on my posts this is made for ppl who need help with cheating… GET OUT

Give me advice pls

ill give you a hint, im a high rank in reapersba UKSF

yea ur bad


subdue gimme a config for rcl

hi send config and tips pls, k thx bai.

Not subdue, but 6 smoothness, 45 sens, 0.50 prediction and 30-40 FOV. Shake your cursor a lot in order to mask the torso lock, no one will notice.

Don’t be too blatant, if you’re new in the community then start as a pocket medic then advance slowly. Try joining different clans and get a taste from all of the clans, choose a clan or two to main, and just stick with them. I would recommend CSP or TNIC.

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What would you recommend if somebody challenges you to a 1v1 and then there is somebody else flying invisible? Also would it be better to aim for the head or torso?

Mark the invisible guy as an ally using the Team Marker option and there won’t be any issues. Aim for the torso and legs, try not to be blatant and pop shot a lot.