Suggestion crash bypass security

Everytime an user crashes (which I have with RC-M sometimes), it crashes roblox. But everytime roblox crashes it sends all the data that could potentially expose the player’s info and also steps on to see if the player had been exploiting.

I would like to see RC-M bypassing this crash dump. One way is to bypass and set setfflags. (see this v3rmillion thread

just an FYI those don’t actually change what roblox gets sent at all. They still receive the logs, I tested it with wireshark shortly after that thread got released and when you crash even with those flags set your network still uploads the logs to Roblox.

What this guy said is most likely the reason why but I am not sure.

All I know is that those won’t prevent a ban at all.

i got the best solution, just dont crash

Since RC-M has memcheck bypass I could just disable the crash logger and render it useless. This what I used in the past but it broke. Will restore when I have time.