Suggestion on the Reply feature layout

  • Reply Feature
    The reply feature is great but its layout is a bit weird.

The reply feature allows you to reply to messages and this shows up:

I believe it would look a lot better if only the drop-down menu was in place:

To add onto this, I think you should get rid of the messages showing up as new replies to the thread (see image 1) and only have them visible in a drop-down menu (see image 2)

  • Obviously, this is your choice. The reply feature works well and it works as of right now, so whether you change this or not is completely up to you.
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Yeah, I also agree with this suggestion. The reply module on discourse, as it seems, is very flexible so it would stand that CheatBuddy has the option to change it. Not to mention, most of the time you’re ended up having to reply twice because the first time its not directly showing that you’re replying to the person you are. Like in this posts second image: (It seems he had to reply twice and delete the first message because it didn’t show that he was replying to me via the reply icon, if that makes sense.