The cheat

its been 3 months since somthing has happend and honestly rcm ist pushing ANYTHING no silent aim fix’s
promised Gui no options to esp this cheat is just running DRY

Yeah, I’m getting extremely annoyed at this point. What’s the point of me giving people configs when the own developer won’t touch the cheat at all.

And honestly, I’ve been quite for a while but this is seriously getting out of hand. Plain Gui, settings are not balanced, all the things Jordan said he already made haven’t been pushed at all such as trigger bot, IA aimbot, and a lot of other stuff like a discord server. The cheat gets boring the more you use it because it’s just the plain old aimbot it’s been for really almost a year.

And it’s also not really cheatbuddys fault because he was scammed he paid someone to make a UI, he left right before he made it. But Haze on the other hand has literally not been doing dog shit on the UI. This is from an outsider’s perspective because there is 0 info coming from the developers themselves maybe there is insane progress but since they don’t speak on development at all we have to think that it’s just been just slept on.

No disrespect but I’ve been quiet for many months watching if any update will come but so far I’ve seen none. If you won’t push any updates just say it so we can stop waiting. It’s probably been 8+ months of just waiting for a UI.

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When the site chat used to exist he said multiple times he wasn’t making good money from the cheat and that he was thinking of handing development off to another dev. That was months ago and it is highly unlikely he is making more from it now than he used to.

I was expecting the cheat to be discontinued a while ago but luckily he is still doing the bare minimum to keep it alive which we should be thankful for. Yeah, it would be nice to see new features but if I were a dev why would I dedicate my time to something that doesn’t support my wellbeing?

If you don’t make a effort to push something out that you promised why would u expect making profit a insane amount of profit? RC-M was hyped up months ago but after that it crashed and burned itself. Nobody buys the cheat because they dont see a reason to, give them a reason. It doesnt involve dedication you could of worked 1 hour every 2 days for the past 8 months and have made 2 UIS. Its the lack of motivation, but its like working out you lose motivation as you work and see no results, but when you do see results you start getting motivated and want to keep going.

He has never made as much as he hoped to from it, adding a new UI wont change that at all. He also never “promised” a new UI and he is not a UI developer so it isn’t up to him when it is done.

RC-M was meant to be a universal undetectable aimbot and that is exactly what it is. He never had to make the UI as good as it is or add any of the current features such as fly/lag switch/silent aim but he did anyway. You paid for a universal aimbot if you really need a silent aim or a good UI use a script executor.

Also Idk why you want a new UI so much, it will not change the way the cheat works at all it will just make it look different for no reason. The current UI is perfectly usable in its current state.

Also, cheatbuddy was thinking about discontinuing the cheat before you even bought it. You bought it in October 2019 and on January 2019 he told the community that he will not update as frequently and that he has spent enough time focusing on RC-M. He never promised that your 10 dollars would get you 5 years of a cheat or anything lol

The UI is what is settings all the new features back. I don’t care about the UI at all, but cheat buddy said since the UI right now won’t fit all the rest of the features when the roblox.exe window is small he won’t add the new features. On top of that if he wants to discontinue it he should, because if he doesn’t have the time or motivation to spend any time on it why keep hold of it. RC-M would be worth way more if he actually put the new features in it, but instead just because a small minority of players won’t be able to see it in the UI so he won’t add it which makes 0 sense. You can say the same thing for other cheats like a synapse, “He never promised that your 10 dollars would get you 5 years of a cheat or anything lol” synapse could just have been unstable as well, have no extra features and be just like KRNL but instead they pushed updates even when they had almost no buyers. I’ve seen people that use linkvertise to make money off of cheats drop more updates. If you already came all this way why stop now, especially when all the features are “already made”. Not updating is another thing, but not telling us development updates or saying the cheat is progressing and it’s not is another thing.

And if they have been
“relentlessly” working
as they say they have been, why hasn’t it been done yet. Just because it is a universal undetectable aimbot, and of course it was meant to be that doesn’t mean that is an excuse not to add more features. If you won’t add more features tell us, so we can stop waiting? The thing is the features are already done, so what is there to stop him from adding it.