This was the first cheat i have made[Assault Cube, Python]

Started learning a lot about cheat engine as well as developing and understand how to code using addresses, I’m not familiar with C++ so I used Python to make my first ever cheat for Assault Cube. Its very basic cheat but making my first ever cheat Is something to me. I did import prewritten modules to make it possible with python. I am still very new to thimg1 e learning curves so if you want to flame me about my cheat go ahead lmao. Also can I say I love your tutorials @CheatBuddy :grin: It also helped me a lot in understanding…


Very happy to see you’ve made a cheat for Assault Cube :star_struck: Even before I did. I definitely want to make a tutorial series on my channel but It’ll most likely be in C++. However It’s very nice to see you took a different approach using python and it is a great language for beginners and getting things done efficiently and quickly. I’m also glad I inspired you. Keep up the great work!

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Thanks, means a lot <3