Update RC:M Already ;-;

It’s being almost 2 days, why hasn’t it being updated. He must be taking a long ass nap that’s for sure if it’s about sleep or absence.

Relax you realize he has a life too? He doesn’t need to update the cheat 24/7 instantly on the spot for you, he will do it when he has time, the normal time is 24 hours within the patch, but he’s probably just busy be patient.

honestly he kind of does, he made an exploit for 10$ he should understand that it can only take him atleast 20Minutes to update. This means he has to show up cause RCM is like his part-time job.


It takes at least 20 minutes to update it, 2 days is enough for life. Some people use RC:M for their career etc so it can be a major issue for them so i think he should at least take 20 minutes out of his life…

Well, he should update rcm and take his rest, we didnt say update it immediatly. I want to say for cheatbuddy to update it as what he said for buying premium rcm, updated in 3-4 hours.

Bud roblox clanning isnt a fucking career you’re cute, but uhh, if its a part time job you get vacation days dont you? so shut the fuck up kthx let him be and stop bitching. @vapor @ZermiElfy


it literally says in the TOS that cb can postpone updates for however long they want. also this whole “it takes 20 mins” thing is false bc the time it takes varies on the update. this patch could have been really hard to get around and thats why it is taking so long.


Don’t you understand? We paid money for this and I quote what he says “Premium version takes shorter time to update” this is basically his part-time job. And we paid money for this. you should understand that

I am not sure how Roblox cheats work, however, speaking from experience from helping develop a cheat in CSGO, even a simple offset change could take an hour to change and update depending on which one it is. So it if was a big update, it would take quite some time.

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bruh jordan just update rcm its been 2 days

Not even part time job, technically it’s his own business. Definitely should’ve been done by now. If he had a big update he should have that ready ahead of time so we don’t have to wait while just unpatching it like normal.

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YES, Thats so true!

Nah. Retard, RCM is a tool for some of us to make money. Now I’ve missed a 50 dollars tournament because of this shit, plus we’ve paid 10 dollars for this.

get gud is all that i can say. You should not need to hack to win real money. That is just real scummy.

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yall are really freaking out. it has been TWO(2) DAYS. go outside like literally

Do you have a thing called a family? Are you like a freak that shuts himself in his room 24/7 and doesn’t talk to anyone but his robloxian friends online? pretty sad bud, its almost thanksgiving if he wants to take a tiny break he can stop having a baby rage fit over it @vapor @savagedude97 @lilbwae @Muzamil1234


@vapor @savagedude97 @lilbwae @Muzamil1234 Since this cheat is apparently your only life, you better say you are thankful for it, cheat buddy, and all the people that help with it at the Thanksgiving table!!! Youre pretty cringe :joy: :joy: :joy:


He could be very busy and not have time to update rn. Same way if you’re too busy with homework and can’t play games. He might be busy with other issues in rl. And I really do appreciate him, he is a great scripter and all but what’s so special about this “Update” it’s just an sneaky update it shouldn’t take him around 2 days. We’ve haven’t been exploiting for 2 days but we paid money for an exploit why wouldn’t we use it. But Most kids are stuck inside because of COVID-19 meaning all they really have to do is play video games; stop acting like we’re asking him to give us his life; but it doesn’t have to take him 2 days

Yea I understand why you are angry, but can he not have a little vacation? You don’t know his situation either, something could’ve happened, maybe he lost a family member, I bet you would feel like a dick then.