What feature would you like to see added to RC-M?

Since we’re all waiting for RC-M and we’re all bored I am just curious to see what other people would like added to RC-M

Mine would have to be silent injection

My only thing would be to add support for silent aim for arsenal and phantom forces. The major game modes.

That and if possible some type of anit aim. IDK how hard it is to do in Roblox, but for CS:GO it was not that hard. (Yes I know they are completely different in so many forms don’t hate on that please)

probably silent injection and triggerbot

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Triggerbot 100% number 1 thing i want lol

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deffo trigger bot

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Rape/Sex function.

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Probably auto-update

Head circle esp

Here are some i can come up with atm.
Hope some of them will get added :smile:

  • Loader
    -New UI
    -Injection method
    -Ban warning (not as warning popup)
    -Changelog (not as a warning popup)
    -Load unstable features (not as warning popup)
    -Hide debug console option
  • UI
    -New UI
    -Customizable Colors
    -OBS Proof
    -Hide incompatible options for game (pSilent)
    -Toggleable watermark (Rcm logo, fps, time, lag ms)
    -Essential mode (smal ui with essential features)
  • Visuals
    -Fixed names (Broken for some games, can be fixed)
    -Better locations (Name & Distance)
    -Hp text
    -Holding item
    -Customizable Colors
    -Skeleton esp
    -Head Esp
    -Radar location (Mouse or Custom)
    -Text size
    -Directions arrows (more than 1 wide part of a cirlce)
    -Trnasparant walls
  • Aimbot
    -Bring back “block RMouse”
    -Aimbot type (Mouse or Screen)
    -Auto aim
    -Trigerbot Delay
    -Trigerbot Parts
    -More aim parts
    -Aim to location (you can freely move mouse up and down but no to sides)
    -Aim at closest part (with selecteble parts)
    -Aim at (Closest to Player or Mouse)
    -Randomize path to aim part (not a straight line to aim part)
    -Aim with a bow (not a staigt line but with a bow to aim part)
    -Magnet Aim
  • Misc
    -Delete Config
    -Multible configs
    -Auto clicker
    -Stream mode (hide names etc)
    -Some exploits
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He’s most likely adding these in the new ui. not sure when we’ll get the new ui tho.

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i want a spinbot