What happened to cheatbuddy (with proof) PT 2

He was in the Police Car the boys he beat up taunting him he went to a interview room. Where they told him that he commited Attempted Murder and he will be doing 20 years. He instantly broke down in tears “PLEASE” he got put in his cell where he was crying. The way he got online was on the computers he got to use it for 10 minutes he logged onto his account trying to type what was wrong. When a group of bullies came from behind him.

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Shut the fuck up you desperate attention seeking loser nobody asked for your horrible unfunny stories, go back to school and learn how to use capital letters you absolute moron

alright thank you for responding bro I appreciate it

ignore him he’s a bit special.

thanks im just making people calm but okay

most people here are prepubescent children. they have no brain they won’t calm down. let them shittalk because they don’t have their lego aimbot

okay I apologize for making this.

it’s all good bro

its a joke

its annoying to see so much people flood the forum with unrelated stupid and unfunny posts, whether your intentions were good or not don’t matter, it gets annoying after a while

for example i only open this forum once every few days to check to see if the cheat has updated or not (dont start some stupid argument about wanting my lego cheat, you all own it too)

kiro get a life bro cheat on roblox 24/7 and you watch anime all day every day otherwise you wouldnt have that profile picture, you’re a loser. calling me a child is the driest insult i’ve ever seen so stop

Phantom ive seen you in 5 posts crying about this. Literally your waiting for the cheat your affected by it being gone so stop trying to insult us for wanting it back. You dont like a meme we doing to keep people interested? then fuck off dont go send hateful comments lmao.

and that entire message you just sent was about yourself. Never once did you mention what others like to do or not this world isnt urs accept you wont get what u want always fuck off.

Plus saying somebodys a anime kid isnt a good insult everybody will happily walk around and say it as a trophy. Know why anime is a good thing to watch and I dont think you realize that.

You could’ve just made one post but here we go;

  1. I always open the forum to retarded kids like you going at it making annoying stories that don’t lighten the mood, you really thought “he beat up some dudes with his girlfriend and got arrested” was a good story, newsflash: its horrible, its not funny and its pretty racist considering (based off what i know) he’s african-american. it didnt keep people interested it just gives them false hope and its annoying to see some loser writing a story because hes bored

  2. in this post im assuming you’re calling me selfish over not caring about other people’s roblox cheat needs so kindly fuck off i dont care about your adventures as an internet justice warrior :joy: :joy: :joy:

  3. Anime is always extremely sexual and showcases a lot of teenage characters, as in 12-14 year old girls with massive boobs and shit, it’s really weird and disgusting. If you mean fighting ones then I don’t care much about those and I watched lots as a kid but Kiro’s profile picture shows either a girl or a gay dude with some kind of scarf

basically anime is really creepy and overly sexual for no reason and so are the people who watch it, theres no prize or “trophy” in watching cartoons on a screen you idiot

also what english class are you in

Lol if you dont care why the fuck are you still arguing? and if u knew what it would be why did you read it you clearly wanted to engage in drama since your name is on every single fucking post made on this website so your looking for beef I dont wanna hear it.

You fucking are here because deep down you want the cheat so bad I moved on and every once and a while I come here and make a joke or 2 then leave but people like u cry about it.

if you really did make a joke and leave every once in a while you wouldn’t have seen my response to your post…stop lying buddy!!

also why so mad? tears rolling down your eyes because i called you out on a roblox cheat forum?? :joy::joy::joy: i start beef with idiots like you because i cant stand the amount of stupidity they have…also the reactions are priceless, you’re literally punching the air right now :joy::joy::joy: i cant lmao

This what I mean your pretty idiotic. You do realize you came in here arguing at everybody that goes in your way because your mad. Lmao kiro didnt do shit to you hes stating what you really are. And you got mad and tried to go off on him lmao your the only one that cant tell somethings a joke. You cry each time somebody makes these don’t read the post if its gonna cause you trouble.

Kiro done what he said I done, he stopped at this post and when after me, he insulted me and when I defend myself it’s my fault? :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Defended urself by making fun of him jerking off to anime would you rather him jerk off to porn and they spy on people through smart tvs and without there conscent sell porn to websites exactly.